Wax: A woman’s first bikini wax goes badly…

This is funny…

But I prefer to keep my bush natural…

This L.A. Woman: Mother's Day Boobs

LOL! Mine already point south!


What happens to your boobs after kids? These life-giving knockers/fun-bags/ta-ta’s/melons/tits/rack which you employed for years and years to attract the opposite sex and, in many instances, the same sex, they are now… mmmmm… well… they’re different. They are changed. They have been through a lot….

Introducing Me

Me: Body positive feminist with a wicked sense of humor. Not afraid to ruffle feathers, especially if they belong to misogynists.

Likes: Feminism, body positivism, natural beauty, a glass of red wine every now and then, carrot cake, and chocolate.

I need: My own Eunuch!

Harem Habibati: Hierarchy of the Imperial Harem (Or, it's no fun being ball-less)


Now, at the very bottom of the harem was a group of men. Well, almost men. Once men, but no longer fully men. Like, men, but minus the part that makes men men.

Anatomically, I mean.

Oh, hell. I’ll just say it: these guys were in the harem because they had their muff pokers chopped off!


They were harem eunuchs.

And they were the only, um, men…men-esque…men-ish…well, they were the only non-female members of the harem.

Perhaps we should have Harems and Eunuchs again? That would be a hoot!

Today’s Small Penis

Today’s Small Penis

If You Had the Gene for Testicular Cancer Would You Have Your Testicles Removed?

"…So I was researching and found quite a few articles on young women removing their breasts because they had been told that they had the gene for breast cancer"

"…So if a man was told he had the gene for testicular cancer, would he have his testicles removed?"

Earth Mother Goddess

The beautiful Mother Goddess Archetype

How beautiful is She?

The above female archetypes are as perfectly female as the image below is perfectly male.

Perfect Man

Women On Top

Jun 8

Why Women Are Superior

Because we can emasculate with a look…

The Castrating Look

(Source: mysandry)

Jun 8

Why Women Are Superior

We don’t have to worry about water tempature…

Cold & Small Penis